Procurement – Preferred Suppliers

Procurement – Preferred Suppliers

    There are literally thousands of domestic sources of supply available to us. In order for us to deliver the best quality, consistency and value in our relationships we have personally selected top key preferred industry suppliers. We refer to any one of these key sources as our Preferred-Supplier-Partner or PSP. PSP’s are reviewed and ranked periodically in all criteria service areas to ensure they are committed to us and ultimately to you.

Global Procurement

The PSP may move up or down on the scale on the list with comparable companies. New suppliers are also sourced and may be added to the PSP list and ranked accordingly. PSP’s have a closer understanding of our company and business. In having this partnership they are able to work more closely with us on every project.

With the use of our Preferred-Supplier-Partners we are able to source thousands of well known brand merchandise. We incorporate electronic and real-time sourcing tools should we need to investigate deeper.

Having access through direct relationships with some of the finest factories in the world we can custom manufacture most types of wearable and promotional merchandise. We have been sourcing with these factories for many years and building partner relationships. This partnering has already given us a competitive advantage on being able to work with you on custom projects at lower minimums, shortened lead times and extremely competitive pricing. We simplify the process for you with lower cost initiatives in mind.