Last month the city of Dallas put on an employee appreciation day for the Park and Recreation Department with a fun day filled with skill challenge games along with food and prizes. This was an appreciation event for the clean-up efforts put forth after the recent flooding in the Dallas area.

Dallas city suppliers were invited to share in this event to promote the goods and services that they provide to the city. PDI provides uniforms and promotional merchandise to the city. PDI provides uniforms and promotional merchandise to the city of Dallas from our Dallas office. PDI participated in this event with a tent booth. PDI handed out informative brochures and a portable water bag with a lanyard as a promotional give-a-way. Since the temperature in Dallas gets hot this time of year and the temp was reaching over 92 degrees that day, the water bags were a great and well received promotion.

Games that were played were a trash wand picker that was challenged to be used to pick up golf balls and then toss them into boxes for points. There was an egg placed on a pile of dirt and employees needed to use a front-end loader to lift the pile of dirt without breaking the egg. Other games were, tug of war, other toss games, lawn mower races and various games that related to park and recreation employees. The event was a relaxing day, well received and appreciated by all.

You can get more information on our store site about the water bag.  It’s sure to be a big hit for your next summer promotion.  It was for ours!


5-15 Dallas P&R

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